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Tack 'N Peel Project by Heather Taylor

Tack 'N Peel and Found Objects
To Make Background Papers

Heather Taylor is the multi-talented webmistress of Oriental Stamp Art, designer of many of the stamp images you find on Art Neko, but most importantly the busy mom of a very precocious four-year-old. Despite having just moved to a beautiful spot on the Oregon coast, with all the havoc that goes into moving, she graciously prepared this project for our first newsletter. This project demonstrates using Tack ‘N Peel together with everyday objects available to anyone to make unique background papers. Heather made some background papers and used those papers together with her Bamboo Sun Moon stamp to make the lovely card shown here to the right.

Heather Taylor - Tack 'N Peel Background


Use found objects together with Tack ‘N Peel, acrylic blocks, rice paper and a variety of inks to create unique background papers like the piece shown here on the right.

Final Paper

The paper above was made using some spiral paper clips and bits of ferns and grasses from Heather's garden.

Step 1

If you don’t already have blocks covered with Tack ‘N Peel, remove a sheet from its packaging. Mark off a piece the size of the block you will cover and trim it to size with scissors or a craft knife.

Cutting the Tack 'N Peel

Step 2

Peel off the yellow backing from the adhesive side of the cut and sized piece of Tack 'N Peel. Smooth the film onto your block, moving from one side to the other to avoid bubbles. If you end up with any bubbles, hold it under water, detach the film and smooth it down again, Discard the yellow cover from your cut piece of Tack ‘N Peel.

Mounting the Tack 'N Peel

Step 3

Remove the transparent liner from the top of the piece of Tack ‘N Peel now attached to an acrylic block and set the liner aside. You will use this liner to cover the Tack 'N Peel when finished stamping to protect it from dirt and dust, extending the use between cleanings.

Removing the liner from the Tack 'N Peel

Step 4

Place objects you will use on the Tack ‘N Peel surface of your block. Heather used spiral paper clips in this step of her example. Look around the house and yard to find things for experimenting.

Spiral Clips on Tack 'N Peel

Step 5

Ink up the items on your block and stamp onto paper. Heather used rice paper and Versamark ink at this step. The stamped images were then embossed with clear powder and then spritzed with diluted Ranger Colorwash Butterscotch, Stream and Bottle inks and again with water and set out to dry.

Stamped & embossed spiral clips, before color-washing

Step 6

The paper clips were then removed from the Tack 'N Peel and replaced with bits of grasses and ferns. These were inked with Brilliance ink and overstamped on the paper. Rinse off the plant material from your block soon after finishing and recover your block with the transparent liner saved when applying the Tack 'N Peel to a block.

Ferns & Grasses from the garden

Step 7

Here is a closeup of the resulting background paper made with this technique. Thank you, Heather, for submitting this project.

Final paper, close-up

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