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Asian Bargello - Heather Taylor

August 2007 Project

Southwest Charm Card - August Art Neko Project

Southwest Charm Card
By Heather Taylor



- 1 sheet shrink plastic (could be either white, beige, clear, or black. I used white in this sample)
Lumiere paints (I think I used Russet, Copper, Gold, & Turquoise)
- Black Versacraft pigment ink
- Scissors, sandpaper (400 grit or finer), heat gun, wooden skewer for holding down the shrink plastic as you heat it, needle & gold thread (embroidery thread -- a couple of strands -- works fine), double-stick tape, paintbrush, water, hole punch, Diamond Glaze or Glossy Accents, Gold Krylon Leafing pen
- All stamps by Art Neko


Background for Charms


- Sandpaper your sheet of shrink plastic lightly, going one way first, then the next. This creates "tooth" that your paint can adhere to.
- Brush or dry-wipe any dust off, then paint the sheet with watered-down Lumiere paints. Remember that the color of the paint will intensify as the plastic shrinks--this keeps the paint from wrinkling up, too. I dabbed Russet, Copper, and Gold paints on with a wadded up paper towel, then added some spots of turquoise semi-randomly.
- Stamp onto shrink plastic with Versacraft ink, then cut around shape with scissors. Be careful not to smear the ink, but the margins can be generous enough that you'll be able to hold it while you cut. Punch a hole in the top of the shape somewhere.
- Heat each piece with your heat gun, while holding the wooden skewer onto the shape somewhere there's no ink. The shape will curl, but should then open back up. Use an acrylic block or large mounted stamp to flatten the still-warm piece. Let cool a couple of seconds, then peel off. (see next image)

Flattening the shrink plastic charm

- Edge each of the pieces with a Gold Krylon leafing pen, then paint the backs with Turquoise Lumiere paint. I let that dry, then covered it with a thin layer of Judikin's Diamond Glaze, which I then also let dry. That way the charms won't rub off onto the background as they move around.
- Stamp the basket background on a complementary piece of cardstock that's been lightly swiped with a paintbrush and Copper & Gold Lumiere paints with Versacraft. Dry with a heat gun, and trim to size.

Single Charm

- Mount the charms to the basket piece by sewing them through the hole you punched onto the cardstock. Make sure they're tight, but not too tight. Mount the entire thing to contrasting cardstock, paint a few more dots with the Turquoise Lumiere paints, and you have it!


Sewing on the Charms

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