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Asian Bargello - Heather Taylor

July 2007 Project

Asian Bargello - Heather Taylor

Asian Bargello
By Heather Taylor



-Complementary Asian yuzen washi papers (try for similar shades except for one very different one--a white or a black, for example, and use at least three different patterns). You can see our selection of papers by entering yuzen in the search box at the top of this page. -Double-sided, wide tape
-Copy paper
-Xacto knife
-Mizuhiki cording of a complementary color
-Complementary cardstock for the base


Materials needed for bargello card


-Cover a piece of copy paper with a wide, double-sided adhesive, then cut into 4 panels.
-Cut strips of yuzen washi. In my sample I used inch-wide strips, but I have used as small as 1/4" strips--just depends on your patience level.

Panels with adhesive, washi strips, and mizuhiki

-On one of the taped panels, remove the paper covering the adhesive, and lay your strips down horizontally along the long side.

-Place a line of mizuhiki between each strip as you go. Don't worry about lining up the edges--you'll straighten everything at the end with your Xacto or paper cutter (paper cutters often don't do so well cutting through the mizuhiki, though).

-Turn the finished panel one quarter turn, then cut into strips again. You will be cutting across the mizuhiki to get the strips. In my example I cut the second round of strips into 3/4" strips--again, this is totally arbitrary.

-Mount these strips to another panel covered with adhesive, again placing lengths of mizuhiki between each strip. Note how I mounted them in offsets so the mizuhiki did not line up. You'll have to cut a few squares from the ends and replace them on the other end to do this, as in the last strip on the photo to the right.

Strips separated by mizuhiki cord

-Finish by making sure the edges are straight--I cut down the panel to 3.75" x 5".

-Mount onto base cardstock making sure you have the entire panel edged in mizuhiki as well. I added a simple mizuhiki knot at the bottom, fixing it in place with E6000 glue.

Close-up of Mizuhiki Knot

Editor's Note:

These cards were done by my 10 year old granddaughter. She's now hooked on Yuzen paper--what have I done! We didn't have the double-sided, wide tape, so she taped her paper strips onto the back of adhesive backed label sheets (the large ones, not address labels). This worked pretty well, although it was hard to keep the label flat until you got the first row of washi paper done. We also opted to leave out the mizuhiki cord.

Then 7 year old Ethan got to try, but not with my Yuzen! We cut up strips of interesting images from magazines for his cards--but they got away before I scanned them.

Granddaughter Haley's cards

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