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Tree Angel 1 - Candice Jordan

December 2007 Project 3

Tree Angel 2 - Candice Jordan

Tree Angel 1
By Candice Jordan


This is not a project that requires the strict close measurement and exact folding of, say, an origami crane.


--Two equal rectangles of paper--here I used pieces 4" x 6"
--Thin wire or thread. I used 32 gauge beading wire.
--Doublesided tape or other adhesive
--Old fashioned clothespin for body.


-Cut one of the pieces of paper in half for making the two wings
-In this example I ended up with one 4" x 6" piece for the body/skirt and two 4" x 3" pieces for the wings.


Paper pieces for skirt and wings

Folding Skirt:

--The folding for this angel body is slightly altered from the instructions for Tree Angel 1. --Fold the larger piece of paper in half, sharpening the crease.
--At the centerfold, fold the paper back about 1/4". This extra fold will end up making a pleat in the center of the skirt.


First fold of the body/skirt

Continue Folding Skirt:

--Fold the edge of one side back to the fold line just made (instead of all the way to the center as in the other Tree Angel) and repeat again to fold this section in half, sharpening the creases each fold. Repeat for the other side, starting with the edge folded back to the 1/4" fold line (i.e. not to the center, and in half again.


Folding the body/skirt

Final Skirt Folds:

--Starting at one edge with the printed side facing up, fold each section in half. You will end up with 4 folds big folds and one small fold and then 4 big folds up on the front plus the two edges folded to the back.
--Reverse any fold necessary to end up with creases as shown.


Continue Skirt Folding

Folding Skirt Pleat:

--Reverse the small fold in the middle and fold the section on either side of the middle fold in half again. This is required to make the front pleat. You will end up with 4 short "mountains" in the middle of the sheet and 3 tall "mountains" on either side of those on the front side of the paper. The arrows show the downward folds.


Folding Front Pleats

Folding Wings:

--For each wing piece, fold the piece of paper in half, sharpening the crease and repeat once more, sharpening the creases each fold.
--Unfold the paper and refold so that each fold folds in toward the back side of the paper--resulting in a coil.


Folding wings

Continue Folding Wings:

--Starting at one edge with the printed side facing up, fold each section in half. You will end up with 4 "mountain" folds up on the front and 3 "valley" folds, two edges folded as downward "slopes".
--Fold each of these folded strips in the middle with the two ends even with each other, in a sort of fan shape.


Continue Folding wings

Attaching Skirt to Body:

--Determine which section of the clothespin head will make the best face (i.e. front of angel).
--Attach a piece of doublestick tape where you want to center the skirt on the front of the angel.
--Pinch the top of the skirt together, spreading the top just enough to cover the front width of the clothespin and gather the pleats, holding in place with the doublestick tape
--Wrap the piece of beading wire, centered, front to back, around the paper once and twist tightly.


Assembling body and skirt

Attaching Wings:

--Bring the ends of the wire through the wings at the center fold of the wings and wrap around the skirt. Repeat this bringing the wire to the back of the skirt. Repeat as long as you have enough length of wire, twisting tight to hold the ends together


Attaching Wings

Taping Wings:

--Cut a narrow strip of doublestick tape and tape it along the edge of one of the inside wing edges.
--Starting from the outer edge, line up the two inside edges and tape together.


Taping Wings


--Grip the wire with pliers and twist the wire partial turns to hold to tighten and add a bit of visual decorative effect to the band of wire. Don't overtwist or the wire may break.

You can also experiment with different lengths and widths of paper. You could also add yarn for a wig to add another variation to your angel. Make it yours! And send me scans or digital photos to share!


Finishing Steps

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