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Unmounted Rubber Stamp Sets      1 to 247 of 247      

These sets of unmounted rubber stamps include 2 or more stamps.

Set 3: Two Butterflies

Be Mine, Valentine

Quarter Sheet of Love and Valentines

Quarter Sheet of I Love You Hearts and Heart Silhouettes

Quarter Sheet Happy Valentine's Day in Bold Designs

Christmas Mini Set

Large and Small Images of a Geisha After her Bath

2 Puppeteers in Japanese Costumes (2)

Framed Geishas, Large and Small

3 Framed Geishas, Large and Small

Peekaboo Geishas, Small and Smaller

Set 1: Rubber Stamp and 4" x 5" Printed Collage Sheet

Set of 4 Borders or Bookmarks

2 Rubber Stamping Kabuki Actors, Large & Small

Winter Forest Kimono, Large
BOGO Small Kimono FREE

"The Wave" and the Moon BOGO

3 Japanese Family Crests

Four Seasons Good Luck Octagon Set of 4, Medium

Four Seasons Good Luck Octagon Set of 4, Large

Four Seasons Good Luck Octagon Set of 4, Extra Large

Rabbits Mini Sheet 252A

Rabbits Mini Sheet 252-B

Rabbits Mini Sheet 252C

Rabbits Mini (Quarter) Sheet 252D

Save$$$-4 Mini Sheet Rabbit Set A252

Rabbit Kamon with Bold Frame

Framed Rabbit Kamon, Bold

Set of 2 Rabbit Kamon: Night and Day

Bold Silhouette Rabbit

Floppy-Eared Rabbit

Rabbit Kanji (Calligraphy)

Text: Rabbit

Set of 2 Images: "Rabbit" Kanji and "Rabbit" English Text

Wee Rabbit Boxed

Sumi-e Brushstroke Rabbit

Brushstroke Rabbit looking Heavenward

Sumi-e Brushstroke Pen and Calligraphy

Set of 3 Images: Rabbit, Sumi-e Pen, and Calligraphy

Set of 4 Rabbits

Bamboo Banner, Framed

Bamboo Haiku

Carrot with Leaves

A rabbit waiting for a carrot

Rabbit in Japanese Kanji

Fuzzy, Fluffy, Rabbit with a Cottontail on his bum

A Pair of Rabbit Siblings/Friends

Text: Rabbit

Rabbit Pair: Black and White Rabbit with a White Rabbit

Mama Rabbit with Baby Bunny

ATC Rabbits in a Forest or a Field with Flowers

4 Mini-Sheets of Rabbits, a Fountain, and a Lady

The Best Day of My Life is Any Day Spent with You

The Embrace, Large

Framed Embrace

Flower Sprig, 2 Butterflies, Large and Small Flowered Medallions

Text: Every day I spend with you is the new Best Day of My Life

Bouquet of Daylilies

Sprig of Sakura Flowers

2 Wee Butterflies

Flowered Medallion

Wee Flower Medallion

4 Quarter Sheet: A260, A261, A262, A263

Set 2: 4 Quarter Sheets...260, 261, 262, 263

Celestial Beings Full Sheet of Stamps

Tiger Fairy Set, Geisha Set, Fall Goddess, Hearts, Sakura

Washi Waves, Early Morning Bath, Koi Lotus, and Peony

Set of 5 Favorite Images

Set of 3: Yin Yang and ATC Chrysanthemums

Set of Traditional Japanese Musical Instruments (3)

2 Sizes of Korean Dragons

Morning Glories Corner and Double Overlapping Fans, Set of 2

Outline Map of Japan with text, NIPPON (Japan)

Set of 2: Garden Lantern and Street Lantern

Set 1: Set of 3 Mice in 3 Teacups

Set 5: 5 Texts

Set 6: Silhouettes - Little Cowboy with Lariat & Cowgirl Taking a Bath

Tree Stump, Daffodils, and a Butterfly Scene

Love on a Swing

Puppies and Cowboy Boots

Little Cowboy with his Colt

Dad and wee Son at the end of a long day.

Little Farm Girl and Calf

"The Bet."

Pile of Clothes (Companion image for The Bet).

Text: Horse Crazy Girl

Cowgirl taking a bath in a water trough

Text: Rub a Dub Dub

Text: Don't Squat with your Spurs on

Text: Cowgirl

Bold Horse's Head Silhouette

Text: Cowboy Up!

Text: Cowgirl Up!

Good Luck Horse Shoe and Shamrocks

Set of 3: Large, Medium, and Small Spider Chrysanthemums

Set of 2 Bird Panels (Scrolls)

Asian Floral Set

Kimono, Set of 4

Set 2: Reiko in 2 Sizes

Set 5: Large, Medium, and Small Oval Roosters

Set 1: Torii Gate Border, Butterfly, Mum, and Diamond Triad

Set 1: Flower Sprig, Peacock Medallion, 5-Petal Medallion

Set 1: Large and Medium Peony

Set 4: Faux Postage and 4 Medallions

Set 2: Large, Medium, and Small Peonies

Set 2: Large and Small Geishas with Floral Backdrop

Set of 16: Butterflies, Flower Medallions, and a Pair of Getas

Set 1: 3 Butterflies

Set of 4 Seasons Muses: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring

Magical Moongates and Blossoms

Dragon Parasol Geisha and Cats

Dragon Geisha and Bonsai Quarter Sheet

Set 1: 3 Blossoms in Graduated Sizes and Blossoms in a Cluster

Set 2: Flower Branch and Blossom Cluster

Small Moongate with Ikebana Flowers and Weeping Willow

Bird in Flight

Wee Fuzzy Kitten waiting to be Adopted

Set 1: Large and Small Dragon Geishas

Set 2: Swallow Branch and Swallow on a Twig

Set 4: Tall Bonsai on a Stand and Calligraphy

Small Dragon Geisha

Swallow on a Twig

Two Happy Birds on a Flowering Branch

Rabbits Mini Sheet 253-A

Rabbits Mini Sheet 253-B

Rabbits Mini Sheet 253-C

Rabbits Mini Sheet 253-D

Save $$$ - 4 Mini Sheet Rabbit Set A253

Traditional Bride, 2 sizes

Tuxedos, 2 sizes

Plumed Masks, Set of 3 Sizes

Double Plumed Masks, Set of 3 Sizes

Ribbon Ties Mask, 2 Sizes

Dark Bold Flourishes Masks, 2 sizes

Light Bold Masks with Flourishes, 2 sizes

Peacock Plume Mask, 2 sizes

Samuri Cat with Fish in Chopsticks, 2 Sizes

Round Medallion with Birds, 2 Sizes

Moon Gate with Mt. Fuji in the Distance, 2 Sizes

Kimono Cat with Chopsticks and a Fish, 2 Sizes

Torii Gate, Ox, Willow, Fish and Harmony Set

Cherry Blossoms and Priest

Japanese Women Set

Forget Me Not Background

Cherry Blossom and Tiger Sheet

Peony and Orchid Set

Bird, Cat and Lily Set

Orchid, Lotus and Mum Set

Morning Glory Blossoms, 2 Sizes

Cherry Blossoms, 2 Sizes

Plum Blossoms, 2 Sizes

Japanese Family Crests, Set B

Japanese Family Crests, Set C

Japanese Family Crests, Set D

Floral Bookmarks 1QA, Set of 4

Floral Bookmarks and Borders 1QB, Set of 4

Floral Bookmarks and Borders 1QC, Set of 5

Florals 1QD, Set of 3

Eight Dragons Set

Papercut Style Butterfly Set

Chrysanthemum Set

Plum Blossom Kanji, 2 Sizes

3 Crane Circles Set

Setting or Rising Sun

2 Sets, Large and Small Cats in Kimonos with Cat Kanji

Art Nouveau Butterflies

Set of 2: Kimono Fabric Stencil Set

Mini Four Seasons Kanji Set, Set of 4

Large Four Seasons Kanji, Set of 4

Year of the Rooster with FREE Text

Small Four Seasons Framed Images, Set of 4

Large Four Seasons Framed Images, Set of 4

Large and Small Framed Bamboo Set of 2

Four Seasons Round Medallions, Set of 4

Origami Cranes

Bali Fish
Set of Two

Cherry Blossom Set 4

Quilt Set 1, Solids

Quilt Set 2, Outlines

Quilt Block Sets, Outline and Solid

Stained Glass Bookmark Set

Parasol Set

Love Knot, Two Sizes

Cherry Blossom Sets

Shibori Cherry Blossoms

Swirling Cherry Blossom Set

I Ching Set 1

I Ching Mini Set 1

I Ching Mini Set 2

Girl Fairies, Set of 2

Masked Fairy Girls, Set of 3

Set of 3: Tiger Fairy Girls

Ribbon and Survivor in English and Kanji

Butterfly Cheongsam, 3 Sizes

Iris Cheongsam, 2 Sizes

Holly Fairy Girl, 2 Sizes

Daisy Fairy Girl, 2 Sizes

Chrysanthemum Fairy Girl, 2 Sizes

Rose Fairy, 2 Sizes

Maiko Among the Blossoms, 2 Sizes

3 Small Motifs

Maneki Neko Cats, 3 Styles

Japanese Hand Mirrors, Set of 2

3 Floral Motifs, Set of 2 Cherry and 1 Wisteria

Kokeshi Dolls, Miniature

Kokeshi Dolls, Miniature

Gone Fishing, 2 Sizes

Dog Calligraphy, 2 Styles

Pawprints, Large and Small

Set of 2: Pear's Soap, Large and Small

Set: Large and Medium Queen of Diamonds

Set: Large and Medium Queen of Hearts

Set: Large and Medium Queen of Spades

Set: Large and Medium Queen of Clubs

Scroll, Polka Dot, and Brushstroke Butterflies, Se

Starry-Eyed Dragonfly and Flowered Dragonfly Set.

3 Butterflies and 2 Dragonflies Set of 5

Floral Teacup and Blue Willow Teacup Set of 2

Dragon and Poppies Vases Set of 2

Miko Geisha with Fan and Royal Geisha, Set of 2

Pheasant and Pheasant Haiku, Set of 2

Japanese Lantern and Lantern Haiku, Set of 2

Set: Wisteria Spray: Large and Medium

Set: Large Wisteria Spray and Haiku

Set: Medium Wisteria Spray and Haiku

Set: Large and Medium Wisteria Spray and Haiku (Po

Lady in Waiting, 2 Sizes

Family Crest, Set of 3

Cherry Blossoms, Ginkgo and 3 Family Crests

Cherry Blossoms and Ginkgo, Set of 2

Cherry Blossoms, Ginkgo and Horse, Set of 3

Naomi with the Moon/Sun Behind, 2 Sizes

Mysterious Faces, 2 Sizes

Dragon Vases, 2 Sizes

Hanging Lanterns, 2 Sizes

Framed Geisha and Large Crane and Flower Kimono, Set of 2

Haiku Set 1

Haiku Set 2

Haiku Set 3

Haiku Set 6

Haiku Set 7

Haiku Set 8

Haiku Set 9

Haiku Set 10

Haiku Set 4

Haiku Set 5

Sheriff's Badge

Bamboo Fountain and Rabbit

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