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3 Happy Texts: Unwind, Sunflowers, and You are my sunshine.

Stained Glass Sunflower and 3 Texts

A2 Size Framed Sunflower

1 Sheet of White Peel and Stick Paper 8.5 in x 11 in

10 Masonite Fiberboard ATC Blank Boards

3 Masonite Fiberboard ATC Blank Boards

3 Masonite Fiberboard ATC Blanks with D- Rings

Japanese Haiku (Poem) Plate

Starry Winter Night Haiku Poem with Snow Kanji Set

They float on the breeze -- Twist, turn, pirouette encore -- Ballerina leaves. Text.

Haiku Poem: sudden gust of wind scattering the dragonflies summer thunderstorm.

Haiku Poem: Between darting flights a brief moment of stillness Dragonfly at rest.

Haiku: Flaming Fall colors Leaves brought down by rain and wind Autumn nights to come.

Haiku: My heart will find peace in the light of tomorrow...

Haiku: Garden scene serene Inspiration for the soul Beauty for the eye.

Japanese Haiku: Nature's melody The sound of children's laughter Music to my ears.

Japanese Haiku: a silken treasure kimono with butterflies gown of good fortune.

Japanese Haiku: Leaves fall quietly they have no need for voice. What's left to be said?

Keyhole Limpet Seashell

Teacups Artist Trading Card Blanks

1 Printed Collage Sheet of Wine and Grapes

Printed Crayons Sheet

Printed Collage Sheet of 4 Identical Christmas Sayings in Languages

Printed Collage Sheet Ginkgo Leaves

Flowers and Whimsy

Fall Leaves in Sets and a Mouse

Maples Leaf Set Small

Maple Leaves Set Large

Mulberry Leaves Small

Mulberry Leaves Large Set of 2.

Bold Leaf with Moon

Oak Leaves Set of 2 Stamps

Aspen Leaves Set of 2 Stamps

Birch Leaves Set of 2 Stamps in Sizes

Oak Leaves and 3 Acorns

2 Skeleton Leaf Stamps in Sizes

A Field Mouse Playing in Fallen Leaf Pile

Text: Just Breathe

Fall Images and Quotes

Framed ATC

Wizard of OZ Scarecrows. 3 Rubber Stamps.

Tree and Tire Swing

Text and Bold Pumpkin: Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch.

Lao Tzu Quote: Nature does not hurry...

Dot-to-Dot Duckling.

3 Outlined Pumpkins

Thinking of You Text and Grasses. 2 Rubber Stamps.

Cattails and Dragonflies

Live Each Day Text

Fall Leaves, Garden Scenes, Autumn

Framed Fall Bicycle Leaning on a Lamp Post

Leaves within a Frame

8 Falling Leaves in Sizes

Corner Tree Limb and Falling Leaves

Bird on a Pine Branch with Berries

Bushel Basket of Apples

Fall Faux Postage and Text: Autumn Blessings

Blowing Leaves Silhouette with "Hello Fall" Saying. 2 Rubber Stamps Set

A Copse of Aspen Trees

Garden Gate

Fall Harvest Rubber Stamps Full Plate

Fall Pear Wreath

Ginkgo Leaves Square Large

Ginkgo Text

Ginkgo Square with Ginkgo Word Text: Set of 2 Stamps

A Bushel of Apples, Grunge

3 Acorns in Sizes and Orientations

Autumn Swirls Set of 3 Sizes

Wheat Shafts with Wheat Text

2 Wheat Shafts with Accents

Peel N Stick Colored Dots. SHINY

24 Round Rainbow Stickers

24 Disney Fish Stickers

Collage: Gingerbread Boys and Candy Canes on White

Collage: Gingerbread Boys and Candy Canes with Red Background

Printed Collage Seashells on Sand Archival

Printed Collage Seashells on White

Printed Collage of USA and International Love Postage Stamps

Printed Collage Victorian Flowers Pinks and Reds

Printed Collage Faux Postage Mostly Mammals

1 Printed Collage of 9 Japanese Cranes ATC's

Printed Collage of Pink and Tan Dots on White. 9 Artist Trading Cards.

Printed Collage of Pink and Tan Dots on Medium Pink. 9 Artist Trading Cards.

1 Set of a Bronze Bezel and a Clear Lens

1 Set of 1 Silver Color Bezel and 1 Clear Lens

Collage Stripes of Washi Iris

1 Printed Collage Sheet of Floating Blue Bubbles

1 Printed Collage of Christmas Cartoon Characters

1 Printed Collage Sheet of Victorian Christmas Images in Squares

1 Printed Collage Sheet Vintage Santas

1 Printed Collage Sheets of Muted Peacock Feathers...4 Card Fronts

Printed Collage of Boxed Santas.

1 Printed Collage Sheet of 9 Christmas Lights ATCs

1 Printed Collage of JOY

1 Printed Collage of Hollow Holly Leaves and Berries

1 Printed Collage of White Christmas Cookies

9 Christmas ATC's Holly and Stripes on Ivory

9 Christmas ATC's Holly and Stripes on White

9 Christmas ATC's Holly on Ivory

9 Christmas ATC's Holly and Stripes on White

Gold Sand, 1 Bag

9 Artist Trading Cards, Stained Glass Peacock

Printed Collage Sheet, Stained Glass Peacock Feathers

1 Printed Collage, Black and Tan Vintage Jill's Clothing

Set of 3 Small Glass Vials with Corks.

5 Tall Glass Vials with Corks

Tiny Seashells in a Bag 2 in x 2 in.

Burgundy Craft Sand, 1 Bag

Galveston Beach Sand, 1 Bag

Bright Green Sand, 1 Bag

Pink Coral Sand, 1 Bag

Yellow Craft Sand, 1 Bag

Purple Craft Sand, 1 Bag

Brown Sugar Craft Sand, 1 Bag

Vintage Bird Nests and Eggs Muted Tones

Collage Muted Victorian Roses 9 ATC's

Printed Collage Leopard Spots 4

Printed Collage 9 ATC's Leopard Print

Collage Printed Peacock Feathers

Printed Collage 9 Peacock Feathers with Raindrops

Printed Collage Victorian Roses ATC's

Printed Collage Sheet 9 ATCs Peacock Feathers

Printed Collage Peacocks Muted Blue 1 Sheet 9 ATCs

Printed Collage Background of Abalone Seashells

Spring Summer Collage Sheet

Pink Sakura Blossoms on Blue by Holly Brown...4 Identical Quarters

Collage Sakura Blossoms...9 Identical ATC's

Set of 2: A412FSHT and COLL0300

Set of 2: Rubber Stamp Plate A412FSHT and COLL0304

A412 Full Peacock Sheet and COLL0304

Peacocks Printed Collage Sheet and 1 Full Plate of Peacock Rubber Stamps

9 Vertical Stripe Colored ATC Backgrounds

Collage Sheet Vertical or Horizontal Stripes Wide

Printed Stripes Collage Sheet

9 Identical Dragonfly ATC Backgrounds

Fall Leaves Beige 9 ATC Size Backgrounds

4 Identical Card Front Backgrounds

Peacocks from Different Eras

Peacock Looking Right at You

Peacock Preening

Bold Art Deco Peacock

Peacock Feather Background

Large Peacock Feather Feathered

Peacock Feather Stylized Small

Art Deco Peacock Border or Bookmark

Set of 6: Irises and Grasses

Printed Collage of 9 Midnight Scenes ATC's

Ribbon Red Candy Cane Windows

Fall Leaves Background Printed Sheet

9 ATC Fall Backgrounds

Quilted Thank You

Set of 3 Stylized Flowers, Leaves, and Grass

Set of 3 Carnations with Leaves

Set of 4 Flowers and 2 Grasses

Text: Just a Note with Dots

3 Butterflies in Flight

Dandelion Silhouette with Dots

Whimsical Birdhouse, Peony Branch, and a Butterfly

Snail Mail complete with the Snail and the Text

Flowers: Positive and Relief Set

Set of 3 Ladybugs in Sizes

Bird, Nest, and Eggs

Text: A little note to say "hello"

Symmetrical Geometric Medallion

Geisha and Temple Scene

Stained Glass Geisha and Butterfly

Text: Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.

Text: Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Double Framed Flowers, Leaves, and Kanji

Exotic Bird, Flowers, and Kanji

Hummingbird Having Lunch

Shredded Hay/Straw, 1 Bag

Shredded Strips of Corn Husks

Embellishments Gold Pearl Sprays

Embellishments Iridescent CLEAR Pearl Sprays

Embellishments Gold Metallic Silver Sprays

Embellishments Baby Blue Pearl Sprays

Embellishments White Pearl Sprays

Embellishments Lavender Pearl Sprays

Embellishments Bright Green Pearl Sprays

Embellishments Bright Red Pearl Sprays

Embellishments Turquoise Pearl Sprays

Embellishments Bright Pink Pearl Sprays

Set of 3 Graduated Note Pads. Pink, Blue, and Black on White Papers.

Set of 3 Aged Ivory Dominoes with Gold Brad Centers

Set of 6 Aged Ivory Dominoes

Set of 12 Aged Ivory Dominoes

Set of 6 Miniature Dominoes

Set of 12 Miniature Dominoes

Set of 24 Miniature Dominoes

White Sanitized Craft Sand

Black Craft Sand

Lime Green Natural Pebbles

1 Bag Flag Blue Sanitized Sand

1 Bag of Aqua Pebbles

1 Bag of Baby Blue Sanitized Sand

1 Bag of Christmas Green Sand

1 Bag Bright Red Sanitized Sand

1 Bag Turquoise Sanitized Sand

Collage Sheet Peacocks

Collage Sheet Peacocks Again

Collage Sheet Birds, Flowers, and a Bridge

Collage Sheet Aged Paper Quarters Coffee Stains

Collage Sheet Aged Paper Coffee Stains

Collage Sheet Asian Calligraphy Aged Effect

Collage Sheet Asian Calligraphy on Tan Cardstock

Collage Sheet Colorful USA Postage Stamps

Collage Sheet Vintage Browns ATC's

Collage Sheet Vintage Visions

5 Mexican Beach Pebbles

Asian Influence Sumi-e Paintings

Hanging Foliage with Flowers

Two Birds Nesting in a Plum Tree

Asian Woman ATC Grunge Collage with Postmarks

Koi and Seashells Bookmark

Plum Blossom Branch with a Tiny Butterfly

A Bird Visiting a Cherry Tree. Flock of Birds in the Distance.

Japanese Woman Playing a Samisen. A Moon Gate is behind her. Grunge.

Bold Sakura Blossoms in Relief

Bamboo in Relief. Accent.

Bold Sakura Blossoms in Sizes

Printed Kimono Patterns Vintage Blues and Browns

Vintage Japanese Elegance on Cotton Content Text Weight Paper

Collage Sheet of 9 Japanese Kimono Fabrics from Vintage Kimonos

Maps Collage sheets (8)


Geishas and Framed Flowers

Whimsical and Kind Sayings

Fluffy Cat

1 Pair Kai Scissors, Black Handles

Pair of Tin Heart Boxes (2)

Pair of Round Canisters with Window Lids (2 Canisters)

Set of 5 Bamboo Love Knot Picks

Black and Brown Striped Paper

Gold Metallic Swirls on Ivory

Happy Birthday Embossing Folder

Happy Birthday with Polka Dots

Gold Stars on Black

Gold Stars on a Field of Ivory Paper

1 Sheet of Gold Leaves Paper on Black

1 Sheet of Gold Leaves on a Field of White

Silver Leaves on a Field of Ebony

Gold Leaves on a Field of Ivory

Gold Butterflies on a Field of White

Gold Butterflies on a Field of Ivory

Gold Poinsettias on a Field of White

Gold Bamboo Leaves on a Field of White

Gold Bamboo on a Field of Ivory

Gold Hearts on a Field of White

Gold Hearts on a Field of Black

Silver Hearts on a Field of White

Silver Swirls on a Field of Black

Crackled Silver Swirls on a Field of Ebony

Shiny Gold Swirls Embossing on a Field of White. Yummy!

Gold Polka Dots in Sizes on Ivory

Paper of a Thousand Happy Wishes: Gold on Black

Shiny Gold Sakura Blossoms and Leaves on Ivory

Japanese Silver Sakura Blossoms on White. Yummy!

Steampunk Fun

Steampunk Dragonfly

Steampunk Grunge Watch Gears (1)

Steampunk Watch Pieces Grunge (1)

Steampunk Clock with Bird (1)

Steampunk Gentleman with His Lady

Steampunk Heart with Key

Steampunk Feather (1)

Steampunk Gears Bold (1)

Steampunk Pocket Watch (1)

Steampunk Bicycle with Roses (1)

Hollow Cogs and Wheels (1)

Spring in Paris

Sending Tender Thoughts Your Way


Eifel Tower Grunge Collage

Sakura Branch and 2 Blossoms

Double Happiness

Iris-Orchid Artist Trading Card (1)

"Paris is always a good idea."

(3) Insects

Text: Happity Springtime

Valentine and Love Stamps (18)

The Stamping Bug Christmas (16)

Bold Star Christmas Ornament (1) Rubber Stamp

Merry Christmas Text Stamp (1)

Christmas Star Ornament (1) Stamp

Pine Tree Branch (1)

Christmas Tree Ornament (1)

Christmas Tree Ornament (1)

Scattered Stars (1)

Happy Birthday Text with Stars (1)

Holly Leaves and Berries (1)

Zigzag Christmas Tree (1)

"A Hand Stamped Original..." (1)

Tic Tac Toe Rubber Stamp (1)

Merry Christmas Text (1)

Text: Happy Birthday (1)

Text: Just a Note

Text: Photographs Do Not Bend

Word Stamp: Thank You

Text: Congratulations

Text: You Are Invited

Bold Angel

Bold Star Christmas Ornaments (2)

Christmas Stylized Stars Ornaments (2)

Parallel Paper Hearts Napkin (1)

Polka Dots (1)

Hearts and Valentine Rubber Stamps (4)

Victorian Script "Valentine" (1)

Buttons and Bows Valentine Hearts (1)

The Humble Bumble Bee (1)

Stylized "Love" Square with Hearts (1)

Loved you YESTERDAY... (1)

Dove Medallion (1)

Hearts in Sizes (3)

Valentine's into the Mailbox (1)

Be Mine and the Bee (1)

Sakura Blossoms Circle Frame (1)

Hinged Pine Box with Magnet Closure

Pine Wood Box, Rectangular

Clear Lid Wooden Cigar Box

Valentine and Polka Dots Rubber Stamps (8)

Brass Key Charm (1)

Brass Key Charm (1)

Brass Key Charm (1)

Brass Heart Charm (1)

Brass Heart Charm (1)

Brass Flower Charm (1)

Brass Rose Charm (1)

Brass Flower Charm (1)

Brass Rose Charm (1)

Red Doilies (5)

Clear Iridescent Glitter Glue (1)

All Purpose Glue (1)

All Purpose Glue (1)

All Purpose Glue (1)

Peel and Stick Hearts (45

Peel and Stick Hearts (32)

Peel and Stick Hearts (32)

Miniature Wood Pinch Clothespins (6)

Peel and Stick Pearls (80)

Holly Leaves with Berries Paper (1)

Polka Dots (1)

Ogee Frame with Polka Dots

A Frame of Polka Dots

Polka Dot Border and Bookmark (1)

Polka Dot Lace (1)

Framed Bargello Lattice Pattern (1)

Bold Gift Bow (1)

Valentine Heart (1)

Stamping All Year Long
(1 Book)

Stamping All Year Long
(1 Book)

Stamping All Year Long
(1 Book)

Flowered Napkin (1)

Leafy Fall Napkin (1)

Colorful Fall Leaves Napkin (1)

Filigree Design Napkin (1)

Fall Leaves Napkin (1)

Fall Earthtones Napkin (1)

Triplet Fall Leaves (1)

Fall Leaves Napkin (1)

Colorful Fall Leaves Napkin (1)

Triple Fall Oak Leaves (1)

Triplet Pumpkins Napkin (1)

Triplet Pumpkins on Crème (1)

Cardinals and Holly Napkin (1)

Holly, Pinecones, and Plaid Napkin (1)

Holly and Pine Cones Border Napkin (1)

Happy Holidays Napkin (1)

Happy Holidays Wreath Napkin (1)

HO HO HO Christmas Napkin (1)

Snowflakes on Burgundy Napkin (1)

Christmas Ornament Napkin (1)

Christmas Ornaments Napkin (1)

The Nutcracker Napkin (1)

Olde St. Nicholas Napkin (1)

Victorian Christmas Scene Napkin (1)

Santa Claus and Friends Napkin (1)

Santa and Reindeer Napkin (1)

Victorian Santa Napkin (1)

Santa Claus Delivering Gifts Napkin (1)

Bright Green Paper Doily (2)

Irish Stickers (29)

Peel and Stick Magnets

Peel and Stick Magnets

Pink Paper Gift Bag (1)

Canary Yellow Handled Gift Bag (1)

Geometric Design Gift Bag (1)

Magenta Paper Handled Gift Bag (1)

Tuxedo Boxes (3)

Bright White Handled Boxes (3)

Victorian Santa Tissue Paper (1)

Ticket Die Cuts (10)

Vintage Japanese Images (12)

Paste Glitters in Colors (6)

11 Assorted Dragonflies, Lanterns, and Framed Flowers

3 Dragonflies with Bold Wings

3 Lacy Winged Dragonflies (Set)

Framed Flowers with Kanji (1)

Japanese Hanging Lanterns (1)

Dragonfly Collage (1)

Dragonfly in Moonlight (1)

1 Sheet Red Glittered Tissue Paper

Brass Tea Bag Charms (3)

Heart Pattern Clear Plastic Bags (10)

(12) Snowflakes

Basic Black Cotton Content
(5) Envelopes

Polka Dot Butterflies in Sizes (2)

Polka Dot Butterfly

Polka Dot Butterfly

Bold Symmetrical Butterflies (2)

Art Deco Butterfly Framed

Text: Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over

Art Deco Framed Butterfly and Text (2) Stamps

Set of Butterflies (5) Stamps

Dotted Butterflies in Sizes (3)

Delicate Symmetrical Butterfly, Large and Border (2) Stamps

Delicate Butterfly

Symmetrical Butterflies in Sizes (2)

Text: The Tassel was worth the Hassle

Diploma tied in a Ribbon

Mortar Board, Congratulations Graduate (2)

Fireworks (4)

Text: Be the Change that you want to see

Text: You did it!

Text: Congrats on receiving the most expensive piece of paper you'll e

Clear Landscape Orientation
(25) Envelopes

Clear Portrait Orientation
(25) Envelopes

Gold Lame Asian Print
(6) Gift Envelopes

Rayon and Silk Red Heart
(10) Envelopes

Pink Double Happiness
(10) Diamond Dust Cardstock Envelopes

Chinese Children and Double Happiness
Pink and Gold Gift Envelopes

Chinese New Year Double Happiness and Couple
(10) Envelopes

Chinese New Year Double Happiness and Children
(10) Envelopes

Chinese New Year Heart and Phoenix
(10) Gold Iridescent Envelopes

Chinese Koi and Flowers
(10) Red Envelopes

Kanji: Butterfly.Crane.Honor.Peace.
Dragonfly.Hope (12)

Chinese Zodiac Animals Sets (Large and Small)

Japanese Fishing Scenes 1 and 2

Japanese Garden Images, Vintage

Japanese Garden Scenes, A

Japanese Garden Scenes, B

Bridge at Jojiu-in, Small

Garden of Jojiu-In, Large

Bridge at Jojiu-In, Large and Small

Karasaki Pine Tree

Pine Tree 2

Karasaki Pine and Long Pine Trees

Full Sheet of Japanese Images

Japanese Haiku Sheet A

Japanese Haiku Sheet B

Miniature Asian Set of 5

Cat Sheet: Realistic and Whimsical Cats

Large Set of 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

Chinese Papercut and Miscellaneous

Lotus Bowl and Lid

Bookmark Sleeves
(10) Sleeves

Bookmark Sleeves
(25) Sleeves

Clear Cellophane Vertical A2
(20) Envelopes

Full Sheet of Traditional Japanese Designs

Full Sheet of 30 Japanese Haiku (Poems)

Texts and Words in a Variety of Fonts

Individual Words and Sets of Words

4 Images: Memoires, Travel, Reflection, and Objet Trouve'

Set of 6 Images: Joy, Laugh, Peace, Faith, Love, and Dream.

Set of 7 Texts: Fling, Wish, Dare, Shout, Ampersand (And), Wow! and a

Tiger's Head

Roaring Tiger and Crescent Moon

Graduation Cap Border

Tsunami Moon and Text "Moon"

Set of 2: Koi in English Text and Koi Kanji (Calligraphy)

Set of 3 Images: Flying Cranes, Crane (English), and Crane Kanji

Set of 2: Lonely Moon and Moon Text

Set of 3: Koi Kanji and English Text, Artist's Chop

European Architecture

Set of 3 Horse Rubber Stamps

Set of 2: Tulip Text and Boxed Tulip

Set of 2:
on a Leaf and
Cricket Kanji

Set of 2: Good Luck Cricket and Cricket Kanji

Flowers and Japanese Scenes

Set 2: Emperor Kokeshi Dolls, Framed Pine and Calligraphy, Wee Flower

Puzzle Background and Text: The World is a Puzzle, Set of 2

Small Mated Cranes

Geisha Face behind a Fan

Geishas, Cranes, Animals, and Flowers

Framed Geisha and Parasol Background

Set of 2: Positive and Reverse Wall Panels

Steaming food in a Chinese Wok

Set of 2: Large and Small Camellias

Small Rabbit Warren unframed

Framed Family of Egrets

Set of 2 Brushstroke Foxes, Large and Small

2 Cats: 1 Looking over his shoulder and the other taking a nap

Framed Rabbits with Calligraphy

Large Mated Pair of Cranes

Asian Butterfly Sheet with Crane Medallions

Square Daisy Wheel Medallion

Emperor and Empress Dolls Set

Set of Japanese Images

Ivory Cards and Envelopes
(10) Each

Ivory Card and Envelope
(1) Each

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