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Art Neko and About Art Accents are merging. It will take a bit of time to get all the About Art Accents items added and fully coded to the website. For the time being About Art Accents images will be available through this page as they are added and hopefully by year end they will be fully integrated into our search functions and catalog category pages.


10 Metallic Foil Leaves


Red Paper Gift Bag (1)

Navy Blue Paper Gift Bag (1)

Purple Paper Gift Bag (1)

Bright White Paper Gift Bag (1)

Catching Fireflies, Large (1)

Catching Fireflies, Small (1)

Geisha Collection of Twin Sets

Stylized Kanji with Translations in Several Languages

Large and Medium Spider Mums (2)

Set 3: Two Butterflies

Silhouettes of Children (11)

Silhouette: Framed Girl beneath Chinese Lanterns (1)

Fall Maple Leaves (10)

Maple Leaves in Fall (10)

Fall Leaves (25)

Large and Small Brushstroke Siamese (2)

Butterflies: Bold and Lacy in Sets

Butterfly Set (4) Stamps

(12)Bookmarks Stamps
10 Sleeves
10 Tassels

Bookmarks and Sentiments

Tree Stump, Weeping Willow, and Rooster
(3) Unmounted Rubber Stamps

Sun or Moon
Among Clouds

Prancing Carousel Horse

Monkey Love Images (6)

Text: When the first baby laughed

Friendship of a Chimp and Rabbit

Baby Gorillas in Poses

Monkey Face

Monkey Paw holding a Pear

Monkey Paw

Glittery White Tissue Paper (1)

Paw Print Cellophane Gift Bags (5)

Harvest Pumpkins Cellophane Gift Bags (5)

Butterfly Cellophane Gift Bags (5)

Gold Stars Cellophane Gift Bags (5) with Twist Ties

Sumi-e Style Flowered Gift Bag

Butterflies and Bugs Gift Bag

Ladybug Gift Bag with Cord

Butterfly Gift Bag

Graduation Celebration (Half Sheet)

Text: Congratulations Graduate!

Trim Variety Pack (6 yards)

Trim Variety Pack (6 yards)

Trim Variety Pack (6 yards)

Trim Variety Pack (6 yards)

Graduation Napkin (1)

Gingerbread Boy Gift Bags (3)

Santa Claus Plastic Gift Bags (2)

Antique Chinese Coin Set

Dandelion with Leaves

Baroque Frame

Snowflakes or Flowers

Polka Dots

Butterfly Stencil

Ladybug Stencil

Butterfly Stencil (1)

Abstract Shapes Stencil (1)

Wine Images and Sentiments

Grapes on the Vine Collage

Text "Vintage Wines"

Kanji and Text
All the wine in the world

Wine Cask and
Grapes and Leaves

Champagne Bottle

Still Life of Grapes and Wine

Grapes and Leaves with Tendrils

Text "Wine is bottled poetry"

Corks with Wine Kanji

The definition of a good wine.

Grape Vine Frame

Framed Birds on a Flowering Branch

So many Books.
So Little Time.
Gerbera Daisies Bookmark

Diamonds and Flowers Bookmark

Butterfly and Flowers Bookmark

Bamboo and Kanji Bookmark

My Warmest Thanks Daisy Bookmark

Text: Follow Your Heart

Vintage Child with a Flower Bouquet

Peonies with Flower Kanji

"keep dreaming"

Muted Text "Breathe" with Butterflies

Bookmark Plastic Sleeves (10)

Black Polka Dot Gift Bag

Black and White Striped Gift Bag

Black and White Patterned Gift Bag

Gold Tissue Paper (2)

Brick Wall, Walk

Clocks and Time

Pastel Striped Paper

Yellow Polka Dot Gift Bag

Yellow and White Striped Gift Bag

Pink and White Striped Gift Bag

Pink and White Polka Dot Gift Bag

Pink and White Damask Gift Bag

Green and White Striped Gift Bag

Green and White Polka Dot Gift Bag

Blue and White Polka Dot Gift Bag

Blue and White Striped Gift Bag

Blue Translucent Spiral Notebook

Red Translucent Spiral Notebook (1)

Green Translucent Spiral Notebook (1)

Clear Plastic ATC Sleeves
(10) Sleeves

Lime Green Shredded Paper

Bright Kelly Green Shredded Paper

Gold Metallic Tissue Paper (1)

Gold Leather-Like Paper

Purple Leather-Like Duplo Handmade Paper

St. Patrick's Day Altered Art Napkins (4)

Napkin Picturing a Wine Bottle

Napkin Picturing Grapes on a Vine

Napkins with a Wine Theme (2)

Valentines and Love (4 quarter sheets)

Chinese Coins Reproductions (6) Brass

Set of Antique Chinese Coin Reproductions (5)

Stamping Geishas and Stamping Samurai
(2 Half Sheets)

Be Mine, Valentine

Quarter Sheet of Love and Valentines

Quarter Sheet of I Love You Hearts and Heart Silhouettes

Quarter Sheet Happy Valentine's Day in Bold Designs

Antique Chinese Coin Reproduction

Antique Chinese Coin Reproduction

Antique Chinese Coin Reproduction

Antique Chinese Coin Reproduction

Antique Chinese Coin Reproduction

Traditional and Contemporary Wedding Sheets

Red Polka Dot Gift Bag

Washi Tape White with Red Hearts (1)

Washi Tape with Love, Be Mine, XOXO and more(1)

Washi Tape with Red, Pink, and White Hearts on a background of Pink

Washi Tape with Valentine and Love Symbols on a field of White

Washi Tape with Swirls of White Hearts on Red (1)

Washi Tape with Sweet, Love, Cupcakes and Whimsy on White

Red and White Striped Gift Bag

Washi Tape with Vertical Stripes (1)

Washi Tape Brown Harlequin Diamonds (1)

Washi Tape with Mulicolored Hearts (1)

Washi Tape Harlequin Lavender and Blue (1)

Washi Tape with Multicolored Circles (1)

Washi Tape Polka Dots on Black (1)

Bright Yellow Shredded Paper

Bright Yellow Shredded Paper

Chinese Birds and Flowers
(6) Red Envelopes

Chinese Koi and Flowers
(6) Red Envelopes

Chinese Flowers and Birds
(6) Red Envelopes

Chinese Bird in a Cherry Tree
(6) Red Envelopes

Satin Valentine Ribbons

Love on a Sea of Red Satin

Love on a sea of white satin

Red Hearts on a Bright Satin Background

White Hearts on a Sea of Red Satin

Hearts on a White Background

Hearts on Red Satin

Assorted Hollow Red Heart Stickers (1 Sheet)

1 Full Sheet of Peel and Stick 3D Hearts

Heart Bags Ziploc Closure (10)

1 Full Sheet of Assorted Heart Stickers

1 Full Sheet of Pink Hearts in Sizes

Heart-Shaped Doily White (5)

Round Lace Paper Doily (5)

Bright Red Heart-Shaped Doilies (5)

Blush Pink Heart-Shaped Doily (5)

Pom Poms Navy, White, and Baby Blue (20)

Pom Poms Red, White, and Green (20)

Pom Poms Red, White, and Pink (20)

Foam Hearts in Sizes (10)

Translucent Pink Hearts (5)

Red Translucent 3-D Hearts (5)

Baby Blue and Pink Shredded Paper

Royal Purple Shredded Paper

Chocolate Brown Shredded Paper

Bright Pink Shredded Paper

Bright White Shredded Paper

Bright Red Shredded Paper

Shredded Nesting Paper Beige and Brown

Bright Royal Blue Shredded Paper

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ram

Ram on a Background of Kanji

Girl with Pet Goat

Sumi-e Ram with Kanji
(2) Rubber Stamps

Framed Mountain Sheep and Pagoda Scene

Ram Kanji and English Text
(2) Rubber Stamps

Mom and the Kids

Year of the Ram<

Brushstroke Kid

Octagonal Year of the Ram

Octagonal Year of the Ram
(2) Rubber Stamps

Octagonal Year of the Ram
(2) Rubber Stamps

Resting Kid with Floppy Ears

High Glossy Photo Paper

Siamese Cats and Brass Cat Charms

Wrapped Gift Stamp and Brass Charms

Wrapped Gift Rubber Stamp and 2 Brass Gift Charms

Sayings and Quotes

Thanks for the Memories

With Sympathy

Sunflower with Stem

In Memory of

Bold Swirl

Stylized Medallion Small

Medallions Swirl and Stylized (2)

It's people like you...

Hearts and Flourishes

Heart Felt Thanks and Bold Heart Silhouette

Hearts and Heartfelt Thanks (2)

Saying, "Best Friends stay and help with the dishes".

Scatter Sunshine along your way.

Bouquet of Roses

Make a Memory Today! Text

Memories are Priceless

You Brighten my life.

Think of You

Flourish Squiggle with Dots

Carnation Bouquet

Japanese Kanji Sunshine with English Text

It's never too late to Live Happily Ever After

Flowers and Flourishes
Set of 5 Stamps

Alterable Box with a Matching Lid

Tube of Silicone Adhesive (Glue)

Black Ribbon with Iridescent Sequins

Red Ribbon with Gold Filigree

White Ribbon with Gold Filigree

Black Ribbon with Red Sequins

Hearts and Bubbles

Fireworks and Stars

Flowers Galore

Fluffy Clouds

Sable Brush (1)

Plastic 6 Well Paint Palette
or Bead Sorter (1)

Black Sharpie Marker Extra Fine Point

Liquid Ink Markers Set (10)

1" Foam Paintbrushes (3)

Alterable Clipboard

The Owl and the Dragonfly Fable

The Owl and the Dragonfly Fable and Collage Sheet

Air Dry Clay Black

8 Foam Halloween Stamps

Air Dry Clay Green

Air Dry Clay Orange

Air Dry Clay White

Air Dry Clay Chocolate Brown

10 Silver Bookmarks

Christmas Tree

Christmas Ornaments

Floral Vine
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Layered Rings
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Geometric Medallion
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Vine Trim
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Monarch Butterflies
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Nested Petals
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

French Scroll
Double Punch (2)
Martha Stewart

Double Loops
Punch Set (2)
Martha Stewart

Charming and Whimsical Christmas

StazOn Cleaner Dauber Bottle and Refill

StazOn All-Purpose Cleaner

StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner Refill

Pssst! Frost Shimmer Spritz

Pssst! Silver Shimmer Spritz

Pssst! Gold Shimmer Spritz

Pssst! Gold, Frost and Silver

VersaMark Watermark Ink Refill

Victorian Christmas

Vintage Christmas

Snow Covered Village on Christmas Eve

Holly Sprig

Jolly Santa

Angel Bearing Fruit

Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer

By the Fireplace on Christmas Eve

Christmas Mini Sets

Japanese Images ArtistTradingCard Sizes

Muted Plum Blossoms by Moonlight

Muted Plum Blossoms A148 A150, Large and Small

5 Scalloped Flower Buttons

Bright Orange Jack-o-Lantern Button

Geisha After the Bath, Small

Geisha After the Bath, Large Silhouette

ATC Nature Backgrounds

Large and Small Images of a Geisha After her Bath

Puppeteer Holding a Geisha Doll

Puppeteer Holding a Male Japanese Doll

Butterfly Background, ATC

Snowflake Background, ATC

Leaf Background

Feathery Marbled Background

Starry Night Background, Bold

ATC Elements 2

2 Puppeteers in Japanese Costumes (2)

Framed Geisha, Large

Framed Geisha, Small

Happy-Go-Lucky Good Luck Cricket with Cricket Kanji, Set

Framed Geishas, Large and Small

Phoenix Medallion

Chinese Medallion Children Playing

Crane Medallion

Chinese Medallions, Pair

3 Geishas Framed Geishas, Small

3 Geishas, Large

Cherry Blossoms in a Rectangle

3 Framed Geishas, Large and Small

ATC Elements 3


Peek-a-boo Geisha, Small

Boy Flying on a Magical Phoenix

Chinese Boys at Play

Peekaboo Geishas, Small and Smaller

Set 7: 5 Images Suitable for ATC's and Cards

Fan and Scrolls Set
(2) Unmounted Rubber Stamps

(3) Chocolate BROWN Rayon Tassels


3 SHINY BLACK Rayon Tassels

(3) Royal PURPLE Rayon Tassels

(3) BURGUNDY Rayon Tassels

3 LAVENDER Rayon Tassels

(3) BRIGHT ORANGE Rayon Tassels

(3) Forest GREEN Rayon Tassels

3 BRIGHT GREEN Rayon Tassels


Large Gingerbread Boy and Girl

(3) Yellow (GOLD) Rayon Tassels

(3) Bright GOLD Rayon Tassels

3 ROYAL BLUE Rayon Tassels

3 LIGHT BLUE Rayon Tassesl

3 BRIGHT TEAL Rayon Tassels

(3) PINK Rayon Tassels

(3) PINK Cotton Tassels

(3) HOT PINK Rayon Tassels

3 SHINY PINK Rayon Tassels

3 CARDINAL RED Rayon Tassels

Tiger Gazing over his Shoulder

Set of 3: Leopard, Text, and Leopard Band-Aid

Resting Tiger and Tiger Cardstock

(4) Pieces 4" x 5" Tiger Pattern Cardstock

Set of 5 Leopard Band-Aids

(4) 4" x 5"* Pieces of Leopard Cardstock

(5) Tiger Stripe Latex-FREE Band-Aids

5 Mini (Working) Pinch Clothespins

Set of 5 Latex-Free Zebra Band-Aids

Set of 5: Leopard, "Spotty" Text, Band-Aid, 2 Leopard Papers

(3) WHITE Cotton Tassels

SOLD OUT 48 DCWV Iridescent Round Faceted Gems in Sizes

60 Studio G Emerald Green
Faceted Gems

44 Studio G Self-Adhesive Oval Turquoise Gems in Sizes

60 Self-Adhesive
Onyx Gems in Sizes

125 Tiny HG Rhinestone Stickers

Faux Postage: Set of 6 Stamps

Set of 7 Images

Waving Lucky Cat Standing

Large Stamping Geisha

Medium Stamping Geisha

Stamping Geisha Sheet

Snoozing Maneki Neko Lucky Cat

Medium Kokeshi Dolls

Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan

Single Japanese Geisha Fan and Envelope

Set of 3 Japanese Geisha Rice Paper Fans and Envelopes

5 Yin Yang Brass Charms

1 Double-Sided Brass Dragon Charm

1 Brass Pagoda Charm

5 Double-Sided Chinese Dragon Coins

5 Double-Sided Brass Chinese Coins: Wealth

4 Antique Reproductions of Chinese Knife Money Charms

4 Double-Sided Chinese Money Charms

4 Double-Sided Brass Chinese Coin Charms: Good Luck!

1 Brass Dragon Charm

1 Brass Fan

3 Brass Rubber Stamp Charms

3 Brass Clock Charms

2 Rectangular Brass Charms

2 Oval Brass Charms

2 Brass Diamond Charms

2 Brass Umbrella Charms

5 Brass Safety Pins.

4 Brass Ballerina Charms

3 Brass Ballerina Slippers Charms

5 Wee Brass Four-Leaf-Clovers

3 Brass Coffee Bean Charms

3 Brass Tea Bags with Tags reading "Tea"

2 Brass Teapot Charms

5 Brass Bunches of Grapes Charms

3 Brass Moon and Stars Charms

5 Wee Brass 5-Pointed Star Charms

3 Brass Fans, Leaves, or Seashells

3 Brass Fish Charms

3 Brass Sand Dollar Charms

4 Brass Starfish (Stars) Charms

4 Wee Brass Seashells

3 Brass Ice Cream Cone Charms

4 Brass Stylized Seashells

5 Brass Seashell Charms

2 Brass Top Hat Charms

2 Brass Double Wedding Ring Charms

2 Stylized Brass Flowers with Hearts and "LOVE" Text

3 Brass "I Love You" Heart Charms

4 Wee Brass Angels with Wings

4 Wee Open Heart Brass Charms

5 Brass Heart Lock Charms.

3 Brass Champagne Glasses

4 Open Brass Heart Charms

2 Brass Triple Heart Charms

4 Brass Double Heart Charms

3 Antique Brass "LOVE" Charms

5 Wee Brass Key Charms

3 Brass Heart Charms with Swirls

5 Brass Carousel Horse Charms

3 Brass Mice (Rats) Charms

3 Brass Snake Charms

5 Brass Cat Charms.

1 Brass Rooster Charm

5 Brass Carousel Charms

2 Brass Double-Sided Ivy Leaves with Veins

2 Brass Medallions of Stylized Daisy

3 Brass Stylized Flowers with 6 Petals

3 Brass Leaf Charms

4 Wee Brass Bird Charms

4 Brass Flower Charms

4 5-Petaled Brass Flower Charms

5 Brass Maple Leaf Charms

5 Wee Brass Acorn Charms

Ancient Asian Images Assorted (9)

Ginkgo Leaf Circles Large and Small

Set of 3 + 1: Ginkgo Tree, 2 Ginkgo Circles, FREE Ginkgo Leaf

Framed Geisha with Geisha Kanji and Artist's Chop

Set of 2 Pandas in Chinese Paper Cut Style

Girls Day in Japan

Framed Chinese Children among Flowers

Ginkgo Medallion

Ginkgo Tree and FREE Leaf Stamp with purchase of the Tree Image.

Framed Snowball Koi Pond

Peonies and Kanji

Oriental Nature Images and Geisha

Framed Koi and Kanji with a Wee Butterfly

Birds in an Apricot Tree

Framed Geisha doing a Self-Portrait

Text: Enjoy Life. It's Delicious.

Text and Kanji: Spring

Torii Gate Frame

Hibiscus Flowers with Leaves

Orchids backed by the Moon and Orchid Kanji

A Peony Branch with Leaves and Blossoms

Cricket and Its Traveling Case

2 Brass Sewing Machine Charms

3 Brass Scissors Charms

1 Brass Thimble Charm

3 Brass Buckle Charms

3 Brass Flower Buckle Charms

3 Brass Buckle Charms

3 Round Brass Buckle Charms

3 Octagonal Brass Buckle Charms

2 Brass Buckle Charms.

3 Brass Octagonal Buckle Charms

3 Oval Brass Buckle Charms

2 Brass Filigree Buckle Charms

3 Brass Lace Winged Dragonflies

4 Brass Double Bow Charms

4 Wee Open Butterfly Brass Charms

4 Wee Butterfly Charms

5 Wee Brass Dragonflies

5 Brass Ladybug Charms.

5 Brass Band-Aid Charms

2 Brass Textured Easter Egg Charms

2 Brass Easter Basket Charms

5 Brass Teddy Bear Charms

5 Brass Baby Bottle Charms

3 Brass Baby Blocks Charms

3 Brass Baby Rattle Charms

3 Brass "Baby" Charms

3 Brass "Rubber" Ducky Charms

3 Brass Baby Bootie Charms

Set of 2: Brass Christmas or Wedding Bells

Set of 2 Brass Holly Leaves

3 Brass Candy Cane Charms

2 Brass Holly Wreath Charms

5 Brass Textured Pear Charms

2 Brass Textured Pine Tree Charms

2 Brass Drum Charms

3 Brass Gingerbread Boy Charms

2 Brass Christmas Bulbs

2 Brass Snowflake Charms

2 Brass Nutcracker Charms

4 Wee Brass Christmas Stockings

4 Wee Christmas or Wedding Bell Charms

2 Brass Gift-Wrapped Box Charms

5 Brass Double Candy Cane and Holly Charms

5 Brass Holly Leaves and Candle Charms

2 Leafy Brass Snowflakes

2 Brass Snowflakes

5 Strings of 3 Tiny Stars each

Set of 8 Metallic Markers

5 Persian Cat Stamps

Set of 12 Book Plates that can be painted.

Blustery Winter Day in 2 Sizes

200 Foam Dots Measuring .5" x .5"* each

Kabuki Lion Actor, Large

Kabuki Lion Actor, Small

Bold Calligraphy Background

Fluffy Persian Cat

Foo Dog, Papercut Style

Kokeshi Faux Postage

3 Round Brass Charms

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