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Tack and Peel and Scissors      1 to 2 of 2      

A good pair of scissors is important for trimming your rubber when purchasing untrimmed rubber stamps. These scissors are actually Chinese kitchen scissors. You might check out your local Asian grocery stores to find reasonably priced, heavy duty scissors and scissors made for use in Bonsai may also be found at Hardware and Garden stores. I have a limited supply of these scissors for those who are unable to find a good pair locally. Another option is to purchase "Kai" scissors from your local stamp store or other online vendors.

The main thing to be careful of when trimming your own stamps (other than not cutting into your image) is to be sure to not undercut the image. If your scissors are held at an angle and cut away under the edge of your stamp, you will not get a good impression where that happens. You want to cut as close as you can (to reduce any ink shadowing) but not too close. Many stampers have found that cutting their stamps out with a scroll saw is a quick and easy option, especially when the stamps are on a sheet of mounting foam. For anyone who sews it is like feeding fabric under the foot of the sewing machine. We use a saw blade with 18.5 teeth per inch for trimming our stamps.

Tack 'N Peel

Tsukineko Tack 'N Peel and Acrylic Blocks Set

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