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Kimono and Asian Dress      1 to 76 of 76      

SEE ALSO: Japanese Family Crests emblems embroidered onto kimono and other articles of clothing to identify family lineage.

Hokkei Swallows Sheet (7)

Gakutei & Hokkei Kimono (1)

Japanese Fan Dance (1)

Kitagawa Utamaro, Asahiya Woman (1)

Woman with Closed Parasol (1)

Asian Beauties 4, Taylored Stamps

Asian Beauties 5

Standing Courtesan

China Sheet 1, Taylored Stamps, TSFSAS02

Heron Maiden Sheet

Emperor and Empress Dolls Set

Two Framed Japanese Beauties with Calligraphy

Japanese Lady with Fan and Calligraphy Background

Two Beauties Sheet by Taylored Stamps

Standing Courtesan

Bold Cherry Blossom Ball

Painting of Chinese Woman in the style of Tang Yin

Cherry Blossom and Tiger Sheet

Lion Dancer

Hokusai with 5 Brushes

Kimono A Front

Kimono A Back

Kimono B Back

Kimono B Front

Koi No Bori and Tsunami Moon Sheet

Kimono and Hokusai Sheet

Maiko Bearing Gifts

Moroyasu Courtesan Procession

Japanese Fisherman

Japanese Winter Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Bamboo, Parasols and Dragonfly

Asian Sheet 1, Taylored Stamps

Asian Man and Child

Stringing Bow

Korean Pilgrim

Year of the Dog Sheet, Taylored Stamps

Helen Hyde Sheet 1
(19) Unmounted Stamps

Helen Hyde Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Little Street Sweeper
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Bonsai Boy
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Butterfly Toddler
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Boy With Lantern and Dog
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Umbrella Boy
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Girl With her Doll
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Girl With Lantern
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Sitting Baby, Small
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Chinese Father and Child
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Mother and Infant in Oval Window
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Children on Bamboo Fence

Chinese Mother and Infant

Little Korean Girl holding Apricot Blossoms

Boy With Daruma

Sitting Baby, Large

Umbrella Boy 2

Wisteria Bridge

Ho Hsien Ku

Concubines of the Last Emperor of Chu

Chinese Figure

Lady Playing Musical Instrument

Large Japanese Cat Wearing a Kimono, Female

Small Japanese Cat Wearing a Kimono, Female

Large Japanese Boy Cat Wearing a Kimono

Small Japanese Boy Cat Wearing a Kimono

Two Lovers (Man and Woman) Masanobu`s Love Letter

Iris Kimono Stencil

Vertical Japanese Rectangular Iris Kimono Stencil, Reverse

Single Blossom Iris Kimono Stencil

2 Sets, Large and Small Cats in Kimonos with Cat Kanji

Set: 2 Small Japanese Cats Wearing Kimonos

Set of 2: Kimono Fabric Stencil Set

Old Style Courtesan

Heron Maiden Sagi Musume

India Dancer

Kabuto Helmet

Tsuba, Sword Guard

Parasol Set

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